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You’re here. Now choose the chapter that you would like to read but, really, you owe it to yourself to start at the beginning.  There you will find both a foundation and a rationale for what follows.

Here are just twelve of the myriad issues that you will find addressed, and questions that just might be answered.

  1. Are the unsaved going to be punished according the their deeds?
  2. Had Nebuchadnezzar really forgotten his dream?
  3. In Daniel 7, who is being judged?
  4. Not “How did Babylon fall?” but “Why did Babylon fall?”
  5. Was the Jewish Day of Atonement a day of investigation?
  6. What did Nebuchadnezzar say that proved that he thought himself to be a god?
  7. What do we discover when we read about the four horsemen against the background of Matthew 24?
  8. What great truth did Darius the Mede proclaim?
  9. What is recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life”?
  10. What verse in Daniel 8 proves that the prophecy is not about 2,300 years?
  11. When Jesus predicted the stars falling was he talking about meteoric showers?
  12. Why is each one of Christ’s letters to the seven churches of  the Roman Province of Asia important for each of us?

and 33 questions to which you must find your own answers.

Enjoy the journey . . . with your Bible alongside and open to the relevant Scriptures.

Correspondence with the author regarding matters raised in this web site could be time-consuming. Study the Scriptures for yourself, come to your own considered opinions. If I have helped, it’s been worth it.

Print? Of course. Print what you want to, to read at your leisure and for your future reference.

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P.S. While this website is devoted to the books of Daniel and The Revelation, further information about the history of the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church can be found at AdventistStudies created by Dr. Arthur N. Patrick (1934-2013). Because that website may one day no longer be available (as at February 2021), my contributions which were post 98 and post 99, are also now Supplement no. 1 and Supplement no. 2 that follow Appendix no. 13.

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